Great Salt Lake (Images of America)

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By: Lynn Arave and Ray Boren

Newest book in Arcadia's Images of America series.

Great Salt Lake is bleak yet beautiful, mysterious and alluring, an endangered "dead sea" vital to life. Explorer Jedediah Smith, surrounded by a vast wilderness, realized this felt to him like home. Conservationist John Muir found in the briny waters a sublime baptism and came out, in his words, salted and clean as a saint. Nineteenth-century Utahns built the first resorts, such as Saltair; bathed and floated in the water; and began extracting valuable salts and minerals from the ever-fluctuating lake. Ringed with wildlife refuges, it is a haven for migrating birds. With multiple state parks, Antelope Island among them, Great Salt Lake is today a magnet for sight-seeing, swimming, hiking, biking, horse riding, and sailing--just a few of the ways to experience what pioneer-era surveyor Howard Stansbury described as a "great and peculiar beauty."

Other Information:

Published: 2022

Pages: 128
Series: Images of America
ISBN: 9781467109000
Format: Paperback
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