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Exploring the Geology of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah: The Greatest Story Ever Told by Nine Miles of Rock 2nd Edition

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By: Ron Harris

"Geology is the very essence of connecting with the land. It is the air we breath the water we drink, the materials we use to build...the energy resources we crave and the wilderness that takes our breath away," writes Harris. Yet, the geological meaning of most places is passed over as mere scenery. This book brings to life the geologic wonder of western North American and the Wasatch Range through an exploration, trail by trail, of the former worlds of lIttle Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. It is not only a journey through time, but also a journey of discovering how Earth works. Harris makes the geological features of the canyon, and the processes that formed them, accessible to all of its curious visitors. Using over one hundred illustrations and avoiding as much scientific jargon as possible, Harris draws on his extensive research and teaching experience to deliver a masterpiece, "the greatest story ever told by nine miles of rock." The 'story' is not just about local phenomenon, but addresses global questions about how mountains form, life evolves, climates change, landscapes develop and the societal relevance of these geological processes.

Other Information:
Published: 2015
Pages: 80 p.

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