Crested Butte - Aspen - Gunnison Trails Recreation Topo Map

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Map Coverage  covers all or part of 64 USGS 1:24,000 7.5-minute topographic maps

  • North - 13 miles north of Ruedi Reservoir
  • South - Cochetopa Hill
  • East - Mt. Elmo
  • West - McClure Pass on Hwy. 133

Size  39"x 25" flat • 8"x 4" folded

Scale  1:125,000 or 1"= 2 miles

Contour Interval  100 feet with shaded relief base

Latest Edition  5th - 2021

Back Side

  • 79 trail descriptions for hiking, biking, 4WD
  • Computer generated elevation-tinted 3D, raster images showing the spatial relationships of the physical feature
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