Hiking Arizona's Geology

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Arizona's geology is complex and its landscape varied. Yet, with Hiking Arizona's Geology as a companion, curious hikers with little or no background in geology can learn about Arizona's geologic features while enjoying some of the state's most scenic hiking trails. Fifty-five hikes organized by Arizona's three major geologic provinces are detailed, accompanied by information on the landscape encountered on each trail.

A finalist for the Independent Publisher's National award, Hiking Arizona's Geology almost reads like four books in one. The first part describes a number of interesting trails, and can serve as a hiking guide even for those who do not care about Geology. The second part provides geologic information that makes hiking the trails more interesting because it helps one understand what is being seen. The third consists of geologic information about the various geologic provinces into which Arizona is divided. This provides an overall context for the geologic description of individual hikes. The fourth part is a brief introduction to the science of Geology that is written in terms accessible to the non-specialist and can stand alone as a primer to Geology. Between the general hiking where-to descriptions and the geology background, Hiking Arizona's Geology is for engaged hikers looking to explore the Southwest's landscape.

269 pages

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