Rockhound guide to mineral and fossil localities in Utah (C-63)

Outdoor Recreation

By: C. H. Stowe, compiler

The Utah Geological and Mineral Survey (named changed to Utah Geological Survey) first issued a preliminary report, 'Collector's Guide to Mineral and Fossil Localities in Utah', June, 1977, due to a demand for a handbook of localities. This edition was reprinted several times while our work was undertaken on a complete volume. Several members of Utah's Rockhound Clubs sent us changes and additions to the localities described and as a result, the updated and revised edition is more complete.  

The Utah Geological Survey strongly urges you to become acquainted with the types of land ownership and the agencies involved before attempting any rockhound activities. Utah is almost fully covered by U. S. Geological Survey topographic maps.

Other Information:
Published: 1979
Pages: 79 p.
Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper Publication

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