Gold placers in Utah (C-47)

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By: UGMS staff

Only a small amount of material has been published concerning placer mining in Utah, most of which is now out-of-print and available only in libraries. There are seven publications that contain sections dealing with Utah placers. Most of these papers discuss placer operations on the Green, Colorado, and San Juan Rivers, and adjacent areas around the Henry and La Sal Mountains. One professional paper, Economic Geology of the Bingham Mining District, covers placer mining In the Bingham district. Except for photographs, charts and maps, those sections that describe Utah gold placers are herein reproduced in their entirety.

Commercial placer operations in Utah have been generally unsuccessful or discouraging. However, in many parts of Utah there are extensive areas of stream and terrace gravels that have not been thoroughly prospected for gold. Some are along stream courses draining major mining districts. Possible auriferous gravels exist in the vicinity of the Tintic, Marysvale-Tushar, San Franclsco-Millord, Park City, and other mining districts. In many areas of Utah, lack of water imposes a serious handicap for the utilization of the more commonly accepted placer mining methods.

Other Information:
Published: 1966
Pages: 29 p.
Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper Publication

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