Selected Hydrologic Data for Southern Utah and Goshen Valleys, Utah, 1890-1992 (BDR-50)

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Water Rights and Water Resources

By: B. J. Stolp, M. Drumiler, and L. E. Brooks

Hydrologic data were collected from wells in the Salt Lake Valley, Utah, from 1990 to 1992, to better understand the hydrologic system in the valley. Most of the data collected are from 36 monitoring wells drilled in June and July 1990 and March and May 1991 using a hollow-stem auger. These wells range from 15.0 to 129.5 feet deep and are completed in the shallow unconfined aquifer, an underlying confining layer, or both. Data from public supply wells and other existing wells completed in aquifers below the confining layers near these monitoring wells are presented in order to compare data from those wells with data from the shallow unconfined aquifer and the underlying confining layers.

The purpose of this report is to present hydrologic data for use by the general public and by officials who manage water resources. The U.S. Geological Survey began a study in 1990 to better define the ground-water-flow system in Salt Lake Valley. This report supplements an objective of this study, which is to better define the quality of water and hydraulic properties of the shallow unconfined aquifer and the underlying confining layers.

Other Information:
Published: 1992
Pages: 60
Plates: 1 pl.
Location: Salt Lake County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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