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Audubon Field Guide to Wildflowers: Western Region

Audubon Guide Books

By: National Audubon Society

This fully revised edition brings a new level of beauty, accuracy, and usefulness to the field guide that wildflower enthusiasts have relied upon for more than 20 years. More than 940 full-color images show the wildflowers of western North American close-up and in their natural habitats. The guide has been completely revised to make identification easier than ever. Images are grouped by flower color and shape and keyed to clear, concise descriptions that reflect current taxonomy.


  • 941 new full-color photographs, showing flowers close-up and in their natural surroundings
  • 654 species covered in detail and notes on hundreds more
  • Photography organized by flower color and shape, with a visual key to make identification simple and accurate
  • Complete glossary of terms and species index

Other Information:
Published: 2001
Pages: 862

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