Analysis of septic-tank density for three areas in Cedar Valley, Iron County, Utah - a case study for evaluations or proposed subdivisions in Cedar Valley (WRB-27)

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Septic Tanks

By: M. Lowe, J. Wallace, and C. E. Bishop, editors

Cedar Valley, Iron County, is experiencing an increase in residential development, much of which uses septic tank soil-absorption systems for wastewater disposal. Septic tank soil-absorption systems are considered one of the major potential sources of water-quality degradation, and public officials would like to have a scientific basis for determining recommended densities/lot sizes for septic-tank systems as a land-use planning tool. We performed site-specific mass balance-approach evaluations for three areas in Cedar Valley, situated on unconsolidated deposits of the principal valley-fill aquifer, as part of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regional Geographic Initiative grant; these evaluations can be used as models for evaluations of proposed subdivisions in Cedar Valley.

The purpose of this study is to assess the impact of septic tank soil-absorption systems on ground-water quality for three areas in Cedar Valley where septic tank soil-absorption systems are typically used for wastewater disposal. These areas have some existing development, but we anticipate that there will be additional development in the future. The Utah Geological Survey evaluated the potential impact of the projected potential development on ground-water quality based on septic-tank-system densities using a mass-balance approach similar to an analysis conducted by Hansen, Allen, and Luce for Heber and Round Valleys, Wasatch County, Utah. The selection of the evaluated areas was made in consultation with local government officials. This study may be used as a model for other evaluations of the impact of proposed subdivision site(s) on ground-water quality and allow planners to more effectively determine appropriate development densities.

Other Information:
Published: 2000
Pages: 66 p
Location: Iron County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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