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Snowmelt-induced ground-water fluctuations in selected northern Utah landslides ? preliminary results from the 2007-08 landslide water year (OFR-550)


By: F. X. Ashland

The relationship between ground-water levels and late winter/early spring snowmelt was evaluated at selected northern Utah landslides where ground-water observation wells had previously been installed. The period of investigation between September 2007 and August 2008 was characterized by generally wetter-than-normal conditions in the fall and early winter and subsequent drier-than-normal conditions. Snowfall in early winter resulted in a sustained snowpack that lasted through early 2008 at low elevation and into the spring at higher elevation. Ground-water levels predictably rose with melting snow, but the proportion of the rise attributable to melting of the winter snowpack varied.

The scope of the investigation consists of compiling provisional precipitation data from National Weather Service (NWS) stations near the landslides, collecting field measurements and observations on snow depth and ground-water levels, and data analysis. Provisional NWS data included daily, storm-specific, and monthly precipitation and snow depth data for stations near (typically within a few miles of and commonly in line-of-sight to) the landslides. The use of provisional NWS data allowed for tracking of precipitation concurrent with the fieldwork described below.

Other Information:
Published: 2009
Pages: 19 p.
Location: Davis County, Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Weber County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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