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Dinosaurs: Profiles From a Lost World

Dinosaur and Fossil Books
Who isn’t fascinated by dinosaurs?

These strange reptiles have awed us ever since their fossils were first identified as the bones of creatures from the distant past.

For millions of years, dinosaurs ruled the prehistoric world. And now, millions of years after their mass extinction, they continue to rule our imaginations.

But how did dinosaurs live, what did they eat, how did they move about, and what were the differences between their families?  Fossil expert and consultant to the Jurassic World movie franchise Riley Black answers all these questions and more for 72 specific dinosaurs. There’s also an introduction to the different prehistoric periods of dinosaur development, and a guide to the various groups of dinosaurs.

The astonishing illustrations are by Riccardo Frapiccini, who has combined his photographic, engineering and drawing skills to produce original pictures of the lost species as though they were face-to-face with the reader.

The latest research offered in a lively manner that will appeal to young and old alike, this book is for everyone who is fascinated by dinosaurs. And that’s all of us.

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