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The geology of the Kamas-Coalville region, Summit County, Utah, and its relation to ground-water conditions (WRB-29)

Ground Water

By: H. A. Hurlow, editor

The Kamas-Coalville region is in the Middle Rocky Mountains physiographic province, about 30 miles east of the Wasatch Front urban area. Rapid population growth and increased water use are the impetus for a collaborative study of water resources in the Kamas-Coalville region, which includes geologic and hydrologic components. This study describes the geologic framework of the Kamas-Coalville region, emphasizing geologic features that most strongly influence ground-water occurrence, flow, and development. The main topics include: (1) the stratigraphy and structural geology of bedrock, (2) the nature and geometry of unconsolidated deposits in Kamas Valley, (3) the hydrostratigraphy of the study area, and (4) the structure of bedrock units below Kamas Valley.

Other Information:
Published: 2002
Pages: 55 p.
Plates: 15 pl.
Location: Summit County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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