Utah's Water Resources: Planning for the Future (MW-5)

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Water Rights and Water Resources

By: Division of Water Resources

Utah's water resources play an integral role in the life of every Utahn. From a morning shower to a weekend trip down the Colorado River, water is interwoven into nearly every activity. Use of Utah's water resources has allowed the rugged landscape to be settled, has provided Utahns with numerous employment and recreational opportunities, and has made possible a high quality of life. The far-reaching vision of Utah?s leaders, coupled with modern engineering technology, has allowed Utah's water supply to be harnessed and used on a large scale. Water has been made so readily available, in fact, that its relative scarcity in Utah's semi-arid climate is often overlooked. This reality must be fully recognized and appropriate decisions made in order to provide sufficient water for Utah's future population

This document is intended to guide and direct Utah's water-related planning and management into the next century. It summarizes key data obtained through the previous water planning documents, introduces new data where available, and addresses issues of importance to all future water planning efforts.

Other Information:
Published: 2001
Pages: 72 p.
Location: Utah Statewide
Media Type: Paper Publication

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