Selected Topics In Engineering And Environmental Geology In Utah (UGA-41)

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Utah Geological Association
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By: Edited by Michael D. Hylland and Kimm M. Harty

This CD includes the subjects of Geologic Hazards, Hydrogeology, Field Trip Guides, and Related Topics

Other Information:
Published: 2012
Pages: 335
Location: Utah
Media Type: DVD Publication


Instrumentally Recorded Ground Motions in the Utah Region Since 2000 by Kristine L. Pankow

Landslide Distribution and Hazards in Utah by Kimm M. Harty and Ashley Elliott

Rock-Fall-Hazard Investigation of High-Visitation Areas in Zion National Park, Utah by William R. Lund, Tyler R. Knudsen, and David L. Sharrow

The February 10, 2010, Rock Fall at 274 West Main Street, and Assessment of Rock-Fall Hazard, Rockville, Washington County, Utah by Tyler R. Knudsen

The Utah Geological Survey Geologic Hazards Mapping Initiative by Jessica J. Castleton and Adam McKean


Estimating Hydraulic Parameters in Cache Valley, Utah with Applications to Engineering and Environmental Geology by Paul C. Inkenbrandt and Thomas E. Lachmar

Identification of Recharge Sources for Springs in Cache Valley, Utah by Thomas E. Lachmar and Aric A. Olsen

Fault-Derived Conduit and Barrier Groundwater Flow at Sawyer Spring, Eastern Margin of the Pine Valley Mountains, Washington County, Utah by Peter D. Rowley, Elliott F. Christensen, Gary L. Dixon, Andrew G. Burns, James M. Watrus, and Casey A. Collins

Statistical Analysis and Geochemical Evolution of Groundwater in the Snake Valley Area of Western Utah: Implications for Regional Groundwater Flow by Stefan M. Kirby
Electronic supplements:
Appendix A.1 Ð Sample dataset
Appendix A.2 Ð Inverse geochemical model results for defined flow paths
Appendix A.3 Ð Mass transfer graphs for discrete flow

Groundwater Quality Classification/Reclassification, Castle Valley, Grand County, Utah by Janae Wallace and Mike Lowe

Seasonal Analysis of Water Chemistry to Establish Baseline Water Quality for Selected Sites in the Southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah by Janae Wallace


Basin-Floor Lake Bonneville Stratigraphic Section as Revealed in Paleoseismic Trenches at the Baileys Lake Site, West Valley Fault Zone, Utah by Michael D. Hylland, Christopher B. DuRoss, Greg N. McDonald, Susan S. Olig, Charles G. Oviatt, Shannon A. Mahan, Anthony J. Crone, and Stephen F. Personius

Utah Geological Survey Geologic Data Preservation Project and New Geologic Data Resources by Steve D. Bowman


Alpine Hydrogeology and Water Supply of the Park City Area by Bill Loughlin, Adolph Yonkee, Clint McAffee, George Condrat, Matt Call, Kerry Gee, Doug Evans, and Mike Luers

Antelope Island, Lake Bonneville, and Great Salt Lake: Examination of the Diversity of Their Shoreline Expressions by Genevieve Atwood, Jack (C.G.) Oviatt, and Tamara J. Wambeam

Geologic Hazards of the Wasatch Front by Chris DuRoss, Gregg Beukelman, Rich Giraud, Greg McDonald, and Adam McKean

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