Sevier thrust belt: northern and central Utah and adjacent areas (UGA-40)

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Utah Geological Association
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Edited by: D. A. Sprinkel, W. A. Yonkee, and T. C. Chidsey, Jr.

The Sevier thrust belt traverses the entire length of Utah and serves as the principal unifying element of the amazingly diverse geological regions of the state. To the east we find the Sevier foreland basin gloriously displayed in the western Colorado Plateau and western Green River Basin. To the west is the Basin and Range province, where the fragmented ranges give a glimpse of the structurally complex Sevier hinterland. Utah’s long geologic history unfolds most logically through Sevier pre-thrusting, synorogenic, and post-thrusting events. For many decades, Sevier structural traps yielded a substantial portion of Utah’s oil and gas wealth.

The papers found in this publication are listed below:

Evolution of the Wyoming Salient of the Sevier Fold-Thrust Belt, Northern Utah to Western Wyoming, by W. A. Yonkee and A. B. Weil

Early Eastward Translation of Shortening in the Sevier Thrust Belt, Northeast Utah and Southwest Wyoming, U.S.A, by S. L. Peyton, K. N. Constenius, and P. G. DeCelles

Kinematic Analysis of a Fault-Related Monocline, Sevier Thrust Belt (San Pitch Mountains), Central Utah, by S. A. Judge, T. J. Wilson, and D.s S. Kilmer

Kinematic Analysis of Northeast-Trending Faults of the Allens Ranch 7.5’ Quadrangle, Utah County, Utah, by A. P. McKean, B. J. Kowallis, and E. H. Christiansen

The Elko Orogeny—A Major Tectonic Event in Eastern Nevada-Western Utah, by C. H. Thorman

Correlation and Age of the Nugget Sandstone and Glen Canyon Group, Utah, by D. A. Sprinkel, B. J. Kowallis, and P. H. Jensen

Early Results of a Study of Middle Jurassic Strata in the Sevier Fold and Thrust Belt, Utah, by D. A. Sprinkel, H. H. Doelling, B. J. Kowallis, G. Waanders, and P. A. Kuehne

Integrating Facies Analysis, Nonmarine Sequence Stratigraphy, and the First Detrital Zircon (U-Pb) Ages

of the Twist Gulch Formation, Utah, U.S.A.: Constraining Paleogeography and Chronostratigraphy, by T. L. Perkes and T. H. Morris

Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronological Provenance of Lower Cretaceous Strata, Foreland Basin, Utah, by G. J. Hunt, T. F. Lawton, and J. I. Kirkland

Petroleum Geology of Providence Oil Field, Central Utah Thrust Belt, by T. C. Chidsey, Jr., E. E. Hartwick, K. R. Johnson, D. D. Schelling, R. Sbarra, D. A. Sprinkel, J. P. Vrona, and D. A. Wavrek

Oil and Gas Potential of the Awapa Plateau Area, Piute, Wayne, and Garfield Counties, Utah, by P. B. Anderson and J. Reuter

Road Log - Day 1. Road Guide to the Geologic Evolution of the Sevier Fold-Thrust Belt, Northern Utah, by W. A. Yonkee and A. B. Weil

Road Log - Day 2. Road Guide to the Structure of the Sevier Thrust Belt in the Central Wasatch Range, Utah, by R. A. Harris

Road Log - Day 3. Road Guide to the Geology of the Sanpete Valley Region, Sevier Thrust Belt, Central Utah, by D. H. Elliot, S. A. Judge, and T. J. Wilson with contributions by T. C. Chidsey, Jr., D. A. Sprinkel, M. D. Laine, and D. E. Eby

Other Information:
Published: 2011
Pages: 332 p.
Location: Utah

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