Geology and Geologic Resources and Issues of Western Utah (UGA-38)

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Utah Geological Association
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Edited by: B. T. Tripp, K. Krahulec, and J. L. Jordan

The Eastern Basin and Range is truly a magnificent land in which to work, visit, and explore. Its scenic vistas, sculpted mountain ranges, and expansive valleys have attracted professional geologists, prospectors, biologists, engineers, tourists, educators, adventurers, and others for decades. Exploitation of the mineral wealth of the area began more than 150 years ago and continues to this day. The lands are incredibly rich in mineral resources and ongoing exploration continues to expand our knowledge of the economic geology of the area. In recent years the value of the groundwater resources of Western Utah has become of extreme interest. This guidebook contains papers addressing regional geology, energy and mineral resources, and groundwater resources. The following are the articles available in this publication:

Seismicity and Seismotectonic Issues of Western Utah, by K. L. Pankow, W. Arabasz, and R. Burlacu

Reevaluating Cambrian Stratigraphy in the Stansbury and Northern Sheeprock Mountains, Northwest Utah, by D. L. Clark and S. M. Kirby

Sequence Stratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of Carboniferous-Permian Strata Boundary in Western Utah, by S. M. Ritter and T. S. Robinson

Distribution of Devonian Stromatoporoid Buildups in the Eastern Basin and Range, by R. Ressetar and D. M. Herring

Problematic Receptaculitid Fossils from Western Utah and Eastern Nevada, by S. B. Church

Diagenetic Coloration Facies and Alteration History of the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, Zion National Park and Vicinity, Southwestern Utah, by G. B. Nielsen, M. A. Chan, and E. U. Peterson

Mapping and Correlation of Diagenetic Coloration Facies, Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, Snow Canyon State Park, Southwestern Utah, by G. B. Nielsen and M. A. Chan

Bingham Canyon Mine Expansion Evaluation, by K. Gundy, T. Brobst and M. Gaida

Discovery of the Barneys Canyon and Melco Gold Deposits, Salt Lake County, Utah, by T. R. Gibson

Geology and Exploration at the Crypto Zinc-Indium-Copper-Molybdenum Skarn Deposit, Fish Springs Mining District, Juab County, Utah, by C. F. Staargaard

Iron Resources and Geology of the Iron Mountain Area, Iron County, Utah USA, by W. B Wray and A. D. Pedersen

Mineral Exploration in the Northern Keg Mountains, Juab County, Utah, by M. E. Venable

Gold Mountain Mining District, Piute County, Utah, by Gerald Park, and K. Krahulec

Gold Mineralization at Kings Canyon, Millard County, Utah , by J. E. Zimmerman

A Prospecting Legacy and an American Dream, by R. Steele

Star District Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project, Beaver County, Utah, by A. A. Gallegos

The Occurrence and Development of the Saline Resources of Western Utah, by J. W. Gwynn

A Concealed Geothermal System near Corner Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah, by R. E. Blackett, J. L. Jordan, K. Thomas, J. Wallace, and R. F. Biek

Geology and Hydrogeology of the Snake Valley Area, Western Utah and Eastern Nevada, by P. D. Rowley, G. L. Dixon, A. G. Burns, and C. A. Collins

Geophysical Setting of Western Utah and Eastern Nevada Between Latitudes 37° 45' and 40° N, by E. A. Mankinen, and E. H. McKee

Audiomagnetotelluric Investigation of Snake Valley, Eastern Nevada and Western Utah, by D. K. McPhee, K. Pari, and F. Baird

Characterization of Streams and Springs in the Snake Valley Area, Utah and Nevada, by G. M. Kistinger, J. P. Prieur, P. D. Rowley, and G. L. Dixon

Geochemical Characterization of Ground Water and Surface Water of Snake Valley and the Surrounding Areas in Utah, by S. Y. Acheampong, I. M. Farnham, and J. M. Watrus

Borehole Geophysics and Geology of Test and Monitor Wells in Eastern Nevada, by D. C. Muller, H. Eastman, T. Gurnee, and J. Mace

Effects of Climatic Extremes on Ground Water in Western Utah, 1930-2009, by J. S. Gates

Ground-Water Quality Classification Mapping for the Basin-Fill Aquifers in Beaver and Cedar Valleys, Southwestern Utah, by J. Wallace and M. Lowe

Other Information:
Published: 2009
Pages: 410 p.
LocationBeaver County, Iron County, Juab County, Millard County,Piute County, Tooele County, and Washington County

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