Geology of northern Utah and vicinity (UGA-27)

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Utah Geological Association

Edited by: L. E. Spangler and C. J. Allen

This publication contains 21 technical papers and a field trip road log covering a large geographic area and focusing on a broad range of topics, including: structural geology, stratigraphy, geomorphology, petroleum geology, coalbed gas potential, geologic hazards (landslides, liquefaction, and surface-fault rupture), drinking-water source-protection zone delineations, spring hydrology, ground-water quality, and geophysics. The papers found in this publication are listed below:

The Utah thrust system -- an overview, by G. C. Willis

Pluton intrusion styles, roof subsidence and stoping, and timing of extensional shear zones in the City of Rocks National Reserve, Albion Mountains, southern Idaho, by D. M. Miller and D. R. Bedford

Geology of Clarkston Mountain (southern Malad Range), Box Elder and Cache Counties, Utah, by R. F. Biek

Tertiary stratigraphy and structural geology, Wellsville Mountains to Junction HIlls, north-central Utah, by K. M. Goessel, R. Q. Oaks, Jr., M. E. Perkins, and S. U. Janecke

Stratigraphy and tectonics of Tertiary strata of southern Cache Valley, north-central Utah, by R. Q. Oaks, Jr., K. A. Smith, S. U. Janecke, M. E. Perkins, and W. P. Nash

Stratigraphy and origin of breccia deposits in the Kirkman Formation, central Utah, by R. L. Nielson

Sedimentology and ichnology of a bioturbated interval in the Nugget Sandstone, a Jurassic eolianite, near Peoa, northeast Utah, by R. C. Sanders and M. D. Picard

Three-dimensional depth imaging of seismic data to assess subsurface geology in northern Utah and southwestern Wyoming, by A. K. Benson

Assessment of subsurface geology in the Mosida Hills, Utah County, Utah, by integrating gravity and magnetic data, by A. K. Benson and A. R. Floyd

Geophysical analyses to map concealed faulting in the Wasatch fault zone in northeastern Provo, Utah County, Utah, by A. K. Benson, L. T. Brown, and N. B. Mustoe

Surficial geology and paleoseismicity of the west Cache fault zone, Cache County, Utah, by B. D. Black, B. J. Solomon, and R. E. Giraud

Comparative evaluation of earthquake sources associated with the liquefaction-induced Farmington Siding landslide complex, northern Utah, by M. D. Hylland

Preliminary evaluation of possible earthquake-induced landslides in eastern Box Elder County, Utah, with emphasis on the Madsen Spur landslide, by K. M. Harty and M. Lowe

Petroleum plays in Summit County, Utah, by T. C. Chidsey, Jr.

Extension of the Hams Fork coal region, Summit County, Utah -- potential for coalbed gas, by D. E. Tabet and J. C. Quick

A mass-balance approach for recommending septic tank soil-absorption system density/lot-size requirements based on potential water-quality degradation due to nitrate examples from three Utah valleys, by J. Wallace and M. Lowe

Protecting ground-water quality through aquifer classification -- examples from Cache, Ogden, and Tooele Valleys, Utah, by M. Lowe and J. Wallace

The hydrogeology of Ogden Valley, Weber County, Utah, and recommended waste-water management practices to protect ground-water quality, by M. Lowe and J. Wallace

Hydrology and geochemistry of carbonate springs in Mantua Valley, northern Utah, by K. C. Rice and L. E. Spangler

A watershed approach to drinking water source protection: a case study at Willard City, Box Elder County, Utah, by W. T. Jarvis, W. A. Yonkee, and W. D. Loughlin

Coastal landforms and relic features of Lake Bonneville - a literature review, by V. C. Stratford

Field trip road log: geology of the northern Wasatch front, Utah, compiled by: W. A. Yonkee and J. G. Eaton

Other Information:
Published: 1999
Pages: 407 p.
Location: Box Elder County, Cache County, Davis County, Iron County, Morgan County, Rich County, Salt Lake County, Summit County, Utah County, Wasatch County, and Weber County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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