Hydrocarbon and mineral resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado (UGA-20)

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Utah Geological Association

Edited by: T. D. Fouch, V. F. Nuccio, and T. C. Chidsey, Jr.

The Uinta Basin holds special fascination for economic geologists because of its rich and diverse assemblage of minerals and hydrocarbon resources. Due to their presence in rocks of the basin, much effort has been put into assessing and exploiting uranium, phosphate, gold, copper, coal, and evaporite minerals. However, the basin is probably best noted for its extensive and very rich accumulations of hydrocarbons such as oil, gas, bituminous sandstones, oil shale (shale oil), and gilsonite and other solid and semi-solid hydrocarbon species. More importantly, several of these commodities have proven to be a major source of wealth and resources for both local communities and the nation. This publication contains papers discussing the resources of the Uinta Basin. Those papers are listed below:

Leasing of allotted properties of the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, by C. H. Cameron and W. McConkie

How to secure a mineral access agreement, and right-of-way for the development of an Indian oil and gas lease on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, Utah, by C. H. Cameron, D. Mitchell, and T. Cuch

The Ute Distribution Corporation, by C. Denver

Oil and gas in uppermost Cretaceous and Tertiary rock, Uinta Basin, Utah, by T. D. Fouch, V. F. Nuccio, J. C. Osmond, L. MacMillan, W. B. Cashion, and C. J. Wandrey

Stratigraphic cross section of Cretaceous rocks along the north flank of the Uinta Basin, by C. M. Molenaar and B. W. Wilson

Thermal maturity of rocks and hydrocarbon deposits, Uinta Basin, Utah, by D. E. Anders, J. G. Palacas and R. C. Johnson

Thermal maturity, porosity, and lithofacies relationships applied to gas generation and production in Cretaceous and Tertiary low-permeability (tight) sandstones, Uinta Basin, Utah, by V. F. Nuccio, J. W. Schmoker, and T. D. Fouch

Influence of source rock type, thermal maturity, and migration on composition and distribution of natural gases, Uinta Basin, Utah, by D. D. Rice, T. D. Fouch, and R. C. Johnson

Porosity trends in predominantly nonmarine sandstones of the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, Uinta and Piceance Basins, Utah and Colorado, by J. W. Schmoker, V. F. Nuccio, and J. K. Pitman

The fractured Green River and Wasatch Formations of the Uinta Basin, Utah: Targets for horizontal drilling, by T. C. Chidsey, Jr., and M. D. Laine

Sagebrush associated with lineaments shows influence of hydrocarbon microseepage in high production areas of the Altamont-Bluebell oil field, by R. M. McCoy and S. A. Young

Greater Natural Buttes gas field, Uintah County, Utah, by J. C. Osmond

A heuristic method for reserve analysis in the Greater Natural Buttes producing area, Uinta Basin, Utah, by L. MacMillan

Petrophysics of the Wasatch Formation and Mesaverde Group, Natural Buttes producing area, Uinta Basin, Utah, by D. J. Hartmann and L. MacMillan

Drilled sidewall cores aid in interpretation of the Tertiary Wasatch Formation, Natural Buttes Field, Utah, by M. E. Shade and D. K. T. Hansen

Determination of depth models through self- consistent structural modeling to help delineate hydrocarbon traps in the Uinta Basin, by A. K. Benson

A predictive model of reservoir continuity in fluvial sandstone bodies of a lacustrine deltaic system, Colton Formation, Utah, by T. H. Morris and D. R. Richmond

Structural evolution of gilsonite dikes, eastern Uinta Basin, Utah, by E. R. Verbeek and M. A. Grout

The origin of gilsonite vein deposits in the Uinta Basin, Utah, by B. Monson and J. Parnell

A comparison of biomarkers in gilsonite, oil shale, tar sand and petroleum from Threemile Canyon and adjacent areas in the Uinta Basin, Utah, by H. J. Hatcher, H. L. C. Meuzelaar and D. T. Urban

The oil well saline-water resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah: Their character and distribution, by J. W. Gwynn

Dakota Sandstone deposition and trap door structure of Hells Hole Field, eastern Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado, by G. Moretti, Jr., P. Lipinski, F. Gustafson and A. Slaughter

Reclamation of abandoned coal mines in the Uinta Basin, by L. A. Amodt

Oil- shale resources of the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, Uinta Basin, Utah, by W. B. Cashion

Uranium mining in the Uinta Basin, Utah, by W. L. Chenoweth

Utah Geological Association Eastern Uinta Basin Field Trip, by S. A. Bilbey, A. H. Hamblin, and P. Sokolosky

Utah Geological Association field trip to Altamont-Bluebell Oil Field, by C. Cameron, D. Hanberg and F. Secakuku

Other Information:
Published: 1992
Pages: 366 p.
Location: Carbon County, Duchesne County, Emery County, Grand County, Uintah County, Utah County, and Wasatch County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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