Traveler's Passport: United States and Canada

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Travel enthusiasts will celebrate the Traveler's Passport to the U.S.A. and Canada. Designed to help travelers keep track of the American and Canadian states, provinces, and territories that they visit on road trips, the Traveler's Passport has an interesting and informative entry on each of these destinations that includes pictures of: the flag, a welcome sign, the capital or government building, and a space for the user to write the date they visited. Each entry also incudes the capital, population, and area, as well as the official bird, flower, and tree, along with important commodities, a state nickname, and trivia.

For ease of use, the entries are included in alphabetical order, each with its titles and a date-visited space color-coded according to its region. Colored outline maps of the U.S.A. and Canada help the user to locate states and provinces. Travelers keep a record of their visits by using a highlighter pen (we recommend pink) to color in locations visited.

In the back of the book, users will find fill-in-the-blank trivia questions, brief expressions in French and Spanish, as well as pictures of state and provincial license plates with a check box next to each one they have spotted on their road trip(s). A final section provides notes, contact information, and space for commemorative stamps that are available at national parks, monument visitor centers, and U.S. state capital information desks.

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Dimensions: 4"x6"
2nd Edition
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