Seepage Studies of the Weber River and the Davis-Weber and Ogden Valley Canals, Davis and Weber Counties, Utah (TP-90)

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Water Rights and Water Resources

By: L. R. Herbert, R. W. Cruff, D. W. Clark, and C. Avery

Ogden Valley canal in Davis and Weber Counties, Utah, were made to determine gains or losses of flow in those reaches. Three to five sets of seepage measurements were made on the river and each canal during 1985. Adjustments for fluctuations in flow were made from information obtained from water-stage recorders operated at selected locations during the time of each set of seepage measurements.

This report presents the results of a seepage study of selected reaches of the Weber River and the Davis-Weber am Ogden Valley Canals in Davis am Weber Counties, Utah. This study (seventh of a series) is part of the statewide water-resources program conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water Rights. Information on gains or losses of river and canal flow is needed by water managers for reallocating irrigation water.

Other Information:
Published: 1987
Pages: 53 p.
Location: Davis County and Weber County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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