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Summary of Water Resources of Salt Lake County, Utah (TP-34)

Water Rights and Water Resources

By: A. G. Hely, R. W. Mower, and C. A. Harr

The steady growth of population and industry in Salt Lake County has been accompanied by ever-increasing demands for water. Although the task of providing adequate supplies has been a recurring problem for more than a century, large quantities of usable water still are discharged to Great Salt Lake and additional quantities are lost by evapotranspiration of ground water in low-lying areas. Eventually the county will need to make the maximum feasible use of its water resources to meet the increased water requirements. To make the most effective decisions regarding future water supplies, the various governmental units and water districts operating within the county will need detailed information concerning present water resources and the changes that would result from more intensive use.

This report summarizes the physical aspects of the present water situation, some of the related human aspects, and possibilities for more intensive use of the local water resources for those who wish to be informed but do not wish to pursue the many details required for a complete appraisal.

Other Information:
Published: 1971
Pages: 31
Location: Salt Lake County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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