The Field Guide to Geology

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Geology Books

By: David Lambert and The Diagram Group

The Field Guide to Geology, New Edition recounts the fascinating story of the Earth in a vivid, engaging fashion. Written by a team of eminent geologists and educators, the book is a concise, comprehensive overview of the process that forged the planet and the technologies that have revolutionized the way that scientists investigate Earth systems.

The goal of the book is to articulate how matter, stars, and the solar system evolved; how the Earth acquired its shape and surface; the structure of the Earth's crust; the major forms of igneous rock and the process by which all rocks are created; the relationship between soil and rock erosion and the flow of rivers; and the effect of ice and wind on the Earth's surface. Updated and expanded, this new edition concludes with two new chapters-one that explains how technology enables planet scientists whose research and discoveries have advanced the field of geology. An extensive list of significant geological museums and collections, Web sites, and associations is also included. Featuring more than 750 two-color maps, charts, and other illustrations- more than 200 new to this edition-the book is a fine primer in geological science for readers who wish to understand the course of the Earth's evolution.

Other Information:
Published: 2007
Pages: 304

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