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Utah State Water Plan: Kanab Creek/Virgin River Basin (SWP-4)

Water Rights and Water Resources

By: Division of Water Resources

The Kanab Creek/Virgin River Basin, Utah, is bounded on the north by the Bull Valley Mountains, Harmony Mountains, Markagunt Plateau and the Paunsaugant Plateau (Bryce Canyon area). The east boundary is Timber Mountain and the eastern hydrologic boundary of Johnson Wash. The southern and western boundaries are the Utah-Arizona and Utah-Nevada state lines, respectively.

Elevations vary from a high of 10,375 feet at Black Mountain in the Cedar Mountains and 10,365 feet at Signal Peak in the Pine Valley Mountains to 2,297 feet and 2.461 feet where the Beaver Dam wash and Virgin River, respectively, cross the state line. In the eastern part of the basin, elevations range from 9.394 feet near Bryce Canyon National Park to 4,922 feet and 5,086 where Kanab Creek and Johnson Wash, respectively, cross the state line.

This State Water Plan provides a foundation and direction to plan for and encourage the best use of its water resources. The purpose of this plan is to identify potential conservation and development measures and projects and to describe alternatives to alleviate the problems, needs and demands of the local people.

Other Information:
Published: 1993
Location: Iron County, Kane County, and Washington County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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