Stalked by a Mountain Lion: Fear, Fact, and the Uncertain Future of Cougars in America

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By: Jo Deurbrouck

A mountain lion gives birth under a porch in Boulder, Colorado. Another saunters into the parking garage of a swank hotel in Victoria, British Columbia. In the hills outside Sacramento, the remains of a jogger are found buried in a shallow grave, the story of her violent death told in a confusion of animal tracks and a blood-stained sun visor. A child is snatched on his way to school, his attacker a shadow in the alders, a fixed yellow stare crouching over the boy's torn face.

Where western wilderness unravels into suburbia, at the intersection of a recovering species and a human population hungry for space, the common wisdom that cougars prefer to avoid people has given way to a harsher reality: mountain lions move in the shadows of our homes, and a few of them hunt there. In this gripping look at the myths and realities of cougar and human interactions, Jo Deurbrouck takes us from the fieldwork of researchers to the near misses of those who faced down these predators and to those rare, horrifying moments where everything went wrong.

Other Information:
Published: 2007
Pages: 187

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