Geothermal assessment of a portion of the Escalante Valley, Beaver and Iron Counties, Utah (SS-63)

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By: R. H. Klauk and C. Gourley

The Escalante Valley is a typical Basin and Range valley encompassing an area of 800 mi2 in Iron County and parts of Beaver and Washington Counties in southwestern Utah. Cedar City, the major metropolitan center in this part of the state, is located approximately 25 mi (40 km) to the east. Principal communities within the valley include Newcastle, Beryl Junction, and Modena; Lund, Beryl and Zane are small communities located along the Union Pacific Railroad and are likewise found in the study area. Thermo Hot Springs is also located in the valley. This study was undertaken to determine the existence of any unknown geothermal anomalies in

The UGMS has been conducting research to advance the utilization of low-temperature geothermal resources in the State of Utah on a cost share basis with the U.S. Department of Energy. In February 1981, the UGMS contracted with the Department of Energy to evaluate the geothermal potential in the Escalante Valley region of Utah, an area proposed for a possible Missile Experimental (MX) operations base. The exploration techniques employed during the study included: (1) Temperature survey of selected wells and springs; (2) chemical analysis of fluids from selected wells and springs; (3) temperature-depth measurements of selected holes of opportunity.

Other Information:
Published: 1983
Pages: 57 p.
Location: Beaver and Iron Counties
Media Type: Paper Publication

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