The origin and extent of earth fissures in Escalante Valley, southern Escalante Desert, Iron County, Utah (SS-115)

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Ground Water
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By: W. R. Lund, C. B. DuRoss, S. M. Kirby, G. N. McDonald, G. Hunt, and G. S. Vice

Contains a 30-page report and 37-photo appendix of an investigation by the Utah Geological Survey of five recently discovered earth fissures in southwestern Utah. The earth fissues, which likely resulted from aquifer compaction due to ground-water withdrawal, were revealed after floodwater infiltrated into and enlarged the fissures during January 2005.

This study discusses the geology and hydrology of the Escalante Valley where the fissures formed, includes maps of the fissure traces, discusses the most probable cause of fissure formation, and presents recommendations for future study.

Other Information:
Published: 2005
Pages: 30 p. + 37 photo appendix
Location: Iron County

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