River Guide to Canyonlands National Park and Vicinity

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River Guides

By: Michael R. Kelsey

This is a boater’s, rafter’s and canoeist’s guide to the Green and Colorado Rivers, between the towns of Green River and Moab, Utah.  The subjects covered are hiking, camping, geology, archaeology, and steamboating, cowboy, ranching & trail building history.   For each major river bottom, an in-depth history is told about early attempts at settlement.  Many of the stories come from the oldest cowboys in the country, most of whom have passed away since the 1st edition of this book came out in 1991.  But many of their descriptive tales are backed up by newspaper articles and other sources.  Included are lots of amusing stories as told by local story tellers.  The histories of local legends like Bill Tibbetts and John Jackson are also told, plus the story of the Range War of 1924-25.  In addition, information on where to find campsites, the best places to hike, obtain good spring water and helpful tips for boaters are included.  All photos in this new edition are in full color except for old historic pictures.

Featuring: Hiking, Camping, Geology, Archeology and Steamboating, Cowboy, Ranching & Trail Building History

Other Information: 2nd Edition
Published: 2012
Pages: 272

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