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Temperature-depth monitoring in the Newcastle geothermal system (RI-258)


By: R. E. Blackett

In cooperation with geothermal greenhouse operators at the Newcastle geothermal area, the Utah Geological Survey continues to monitor temperature changes within the geothermal field over time. This report presents temperature-depth data collected from six monitoring wells since a previous study was completed in 1997.

Changes to the thermal regime continue to take place, possibly as a result of geothermal fluid withdrawal, effects of long-term regional drought, or lowering of ground water in Escalante Valley. Temperature profiles in three monitoring wells generally upstream from producing wells have changed little since baseline records were recorded in 2001 and 2002. Monitoring wells northeast (downstream) of the producing area show observable changes that are difficult to interpret, but are likely due to one or more of the factors listed above. One monitoring well located close to a primary production well shows significant temperature declines throughout, suggesting an influx of cooler water possibly from an upstream injection well or retreat of the geothermal plume toward the production well.

Other Information:
Published: 2007
Pages: 23 p.
Location: Iron County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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