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Preliminary geotechnical-engineering slope-stability investigation of the Pine Ridge landslide, Timber Lakes Estates, Wasatch County, Utah (RI-232)


By: F. X. Ashland and M. D. Hylland

The purpose of a preliminary geotechnical-engineering slope-stability analysis is to use state-of-the-art computer programs to estimate slope stability in areas where we have few detailed engineering test data. The technique uses engineering-geologic judgement, rather than expensive and difficult-to-obtain test data, to constrain and make a ''best'' estimate of site conditions for input into the analysis. We apply this technique to the Pine Ridge landslide because lots were already platted and many sold and developed prior to identification of the landslide, and no single subdivider remains with the responsibility to perform the needed detailed geotechnical-engineering slope-stability analysis. Individual lot-by-Iot studies cannot address the stability of this large, multi-lot landslide, but a better understanding of the relative hazard is necessary for Wasatch County and Timber Lakes land owners to make prudent land-use decisions.

Other Information:
Published: 1997
Pages: 29 p.
Location: Wasatch County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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