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Scandium-bearing aluminum phosphate deposits of Utah (RI-209)


By: M. A. Shubat

The continuing development of high-efficiency lasers that use gadolinium-scandium-gallium garnet crystals is creating an increased demand for scandium.

In Utah, scandium concentrates occur in a variety of geologic environments including a class of hydrothermal, scandium-bearing aluminum phosphate deposits containing variscite, crandallite, and related minerals. Bulk sampling of the best-known of these deposits, near Fairfield, Utah, yielded SC203 concentrations of 0.10 percent. Factors controlling the localization of scandium-bearing deposits include (1) the presence of a brecciated carbonate host rock, (2) proximity to a gold-silver epithermal system, and (3) proximity to phosphatic shales. This publication discusses the different localities where scandium concentrates occur.

Other Information:
Published: 1988
Pages: 26 p.
Location: Box Elder, Tooele, and Utah Counties
Media Type: Paper Publication

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