Geologic resources of Salt Lake County, Utah (PI-5)

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Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island

By: S. N. Eldredge and C. M. Wilkerson

This brochure is an introduction to Salt Lake County's geologic resources and the important role they play in our economy and everyday lives. Understanding the dynamic forces that form geologic resources and the factors that influence their development and use helps us realize the value of the earth's natural assets.

The resources are divided into three categories: 1) metallic, 2) non-metallic, and 3) energy. Salt Lake County's resources are numerous, therefore only a few of particular significance to the county are discussed in detail. Their origin, mining history, extraction, and common uses are reviewed. The remaining resources and pertinent data are included in Tables 1, 2 and 3. A generalized geologic map, generalized geologic time scale, geologic resource map, and glossary are included for reading aids. Additional information can be found by contacting or visiting the Utah Geological and Mineral Survey.<\p>

Other Information:
Published: 1990
Pages: 32 p.
Location: Salt Lake County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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