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Papa Married a Mormon

Utah History Books

By: John D. Fitzgerald

The first time Papa laid eyes on Mamma he told her he loved her...had to kidnap her in broad daylight and hide her in a water-barrel to keep her Mormon family from stopped the marriage. Papa really cherished Mamma; he married her four times...and the last service was read at his death bed. John Fitzgerald's Catholic father and Mormon mother were lovingly united by the belief "that all religions are but windows of the same church."

Based on memories of his early life, this heart-warming story of John's venturesome family is filled with a cast of rollicking characters, that includes Evangelists, gamblers, gunmen, and Indians. Papa Married a Mormon fulfills a promise John made to his mother to present a true portrayal of the courageous people in Mormon territory as he knew them, and is the first in a trilogy he wrote about his colorful family.

Other Information:
Published: 2000
Pages: 298

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