Interim Geologic Map of the Vernal NE Quadrangle, Uintah County, Utah (OFR-762)

Utah Geological Survey Open File Report

By: Matthew C. Morriss

The Vernal NE quadrangle is located at the northern boundary of the Colorado Plateau physiographic province, within the Uinta Basin sub-province. The Middle Rocky Mountains are located east and north of the quadrangle. The quadrangle includes Ashley Valley, centered on Ashley Creek, which drains the southern flank of the Uinta Mountains. The western part of the quadrangle is defined by the northwest-southeast-trending Asphalt Ridge and the west-dipping slope along the flank of the ridge. Asphalt Ridge is largely supported by a generally westward-dipping panel of Upper Cretaceous units: the Asphalt Ridge Sandstone, Rim Rock Sandstone, and Williams Fork Formation. The north-central part of the quadrangle is composed of folded Cretaceous to Jurassic-Triassic units. The northeastern part of the quadrangle is largely hills composed of Mancos Shale with a cap of pediment gravel. 

Published: 2024
Pages: 10
Plates: 2

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