Well Database and Maps of Salt Cycles and Potash Zones of the Paradox Basin, Utah (OFR-600)

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By: Terry W. Massoth

Last year the Utah Geological Survey released a preliminary well database for Hite's 29 salt cycles of the Paradox Formation in the Paradox Basin of southeastern Utah (Massoth and Tripp, 2011, OFR-581), which included stratigraphic data from potash, and oil and gas exploration well logs. This report (18p. + 21pl.) refines and augments the stratigraphic database from the previous year with additional data and provides regional maps of the salt and potash thicknesses for salt cycles 5,6,9,13,16,18, and 19, as well as two regional cross sections. Salt cycles 5 and 19 were also mapped for structure on top of the salt and depth. The database and maps cover the more structurally simple area on the southwest side of the Paradox Basin, outside the complex fold and fault belt on the northeastern side, and look mainly at those salt and potash beds that are generally less than 10,000 feet deep. No resource calculations have been made in this study. However, this new work, which identifies the areas with the thickest, shallowest, and potentially richest potash deposits, may help with decisions about potash exploration and land management actions.

Other Information:
Published: 2012
Pages: 18
Plates: 21
GIS Included
Location: Utah

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