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Uranium publications of the UGS (OFR-462)

Uranium and Vanadium

Contains reprints of 14 out of-print items concerning uranium/vanadium. The CD contains the following publications:

B-46 Uranium-vanadium deposits of the Thompsons area, Grand County, Utah, with emphasis on the origin or carnotite ores, by W. L. Stokes, 1952, 51 p., 2 pl.

B-82 Uranium in Utah by R. E. Cohenour, in Guidebook of northern Utah, edited by M. L. Jensen, 1969, p. 231-249

B-113 The geology and uranium-vanadium deposits of the San Rafael River mining area, Emery County, Utah, by L. M. Trimble and H. H. Doelling, 1978, 122 p., 4 pl.

C-17 Uranium deposits covered by the Radiant claims, Kane County, Utah, by A. M. Buranek, 1942, 8 p.

C-22 The occurrence of vanadium-uranium ores in Utah and Colorado, by A. M. Buranek, 1942, 4 p.

CR 91-4 The geology and production history of the uranium-vanadium deposits in Monument Valley, San Juan County, Utah, by W. L. Chenoweth, 1991, 55 p., 6 pl.

MP 93-3 The geology and production history of the uranium deposits in the White Castle mining district, San Juan County, Utah, by W. L. Chenoweth, 1993, 26 pl., 1 pl., 1:125,000

OFR-18 Uranium-vanadium occurrences of Utah, by H. H. Doelling, 1974, 354 p.

OFR-32 Bibliography of Utah radioactive occurrences, compiled by H. H. Doelling, 1982, vol. 1: 150 p., vol. 2: 361 p.

OFR-89 Geology of active uranium mines during 1982 in parts of Paradox Basin, southeastern Utah: A preliminary report, by H. Mohammad, 1986, 44 p.

OFR-188 Lisbon Valley, Utah?s premier uranium area, a summary of exploration and ore production, by W. L. Chenoweth, 1990, 45 p.

SS-22 Uranium deposits of Garfield County, Utah, by H. H. Doelling, 1967, 113 p.

SS-24 Mineral resources, San Juan County, Utah and adjacent areas, Part II ? Uranium and other metals in sedimentary host rocks, by H. H. Doelling, 1969, 64 p., 1 pl.

Survey Notes Early Uranium-Vanadium Mining in Monument Valley, San Juan County, Utah, by W. L. Chenoweth, Summer 1984, 2 p.

Other Information:
Published: 2005
Pages: 1418 p.
Plates: 14 pl.
Location: Beaver County, Emery County, Garfield County, Grand County, Juab County, Kane County, Piute County, San Juan County, and Wayne County

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