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Water resources of Millard County, Utah (OFR-447)

Water Resources

By: F. D. Davis

This summary of the water resources of Millard County is designed to accompany Utah Geological Survey Bulletin 133, Geology of Millard County, Utah (Hintze and Davis, 2003). It provides a general overview of the surface- and ground-water conditions based on data compiled from a variety of sources. Technical details on the water resources are present in the reference sources cited in this report and in additional publications at the end of the reference list, in particular the Utah Department of Natural Resources Technical Publications and Basic Data Reports. The geology in this water-resources report will be more understandable if the reader refers to UGS Bulletin 133.

Other Information:
Published: 2005
Pages: 27 p.
Location: Millard County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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