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Geothermal resources of Utah - 2004: A digital atlas of Utah's geothermal resources (OFR-431dm)


By: R. E. Blackett and S. I. Wakefield, compilers

Many researchers have studied geothermal resources in Utah over the past few decades, largely the result of federal and state cooperative projects. Because no summary from these efforts had been compiled since the publication of a state geothermal resources map in 1980, the Utah Department of Natural Resources and the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development jointly sponsored a project to prepare a statewide review-summary of geothermal resources. The summary is presented as an interactive computer-driven product employing geographic information system technology and other computer software to present detailed, spatially related data on all known geothermal resource areas in Utah.

In this report, we review the nature of geothermal systems throughout the four principal physiographic regions of Utah and the relationship to geologic setting, recent faulting, and young igneous rocks. A technical database, UTAHGEO.dbf, contains nearly 3,000 records pertaining to more than 1,100 thermal wells and springs in Utah and is included as part of the GIS data. Descriptions of all known thermal areas in Utah are presented. Crustal heat-flow in Utah, included as a companion report, is also presented.

Other Information:
Published: 2004
Location: Utah

GIS Included

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