Reservoir modeling and composition simulation of primary depletion and carbon dioxide flooding of a small Pennsylvanian carbonate mound complex, Runway field, Paradox Basin, Utah, Volume I (OFR-421)

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Oil and Gas
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By: W. E. Culham and D. M. Lorenz

This report presents the results of a comprehensive reservoir statistical modeling and oil-flow simulation engineering study of Anasazi field, Utah. The Anasazi reservoir is a phylloid-algal mound, found in many small fields in the Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado.

Principal objectives were to develop a detailed quantitative description of the reservoir and use this description coupled with composition simulation to predict the oil-production performance of the mound complex under three different reservoir recovery processes: primary depletion, CO2 flooding, and water flooding.

Other Information:
Published: 2003
Pages: 420 p.
Location: San Juan County

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