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Documentation and installation guide for HOMCODE: a code for scaling up permeabilities using homogenization (OFR-392)

General Geology

By: J. Koebbe

This document describes a package of codes that can be used to determine effective permeabilities for porous media problems. In a more basic sense the codes concentrate on obtaining a numerical approximation of the solution of a system of elliptic partial differential equations that arise from the application of a perturbation method to the flow equations in a porous medium. The codes include four different averaging methods; (1) homogenization, (2) arithmetic averaging, (3) geometric averaging, and (4) harmonic averaging. The intent of writing this package was to implement the homogenization developed by Bourgeat in a self contained fashion for use in porous media applications. The other averaging techniques have been implemented to use for comparison with the homogenization method. The code for the other methods is trivial to write, but the inclusion of these routines gives the user the opportunity to compare the methods in the same setting in an easy way. It is well known that the homogenization method produces a result between the arithmetic and harmonic average. So these codes also provide a quick check of the homogenization codes validity relative to the theory.

Other Information:
Published: 2002
Pages: 416 p.
Media Type: Paper Publication

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