Ferron Sandstone stratigraphic cross sections, Ivie Creek area, Emery County, Utah (OFR-390)

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Ferron Sandstone Studies
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By: P. B. Anderson, T. C. Chidsey Jr., K. P. McClure, A. Mattson, and S. H. Snelgrove

The Ferron Sandstone Member of Mancos Shale in east-central Utah has world-class outcrops of fluvial-dominated and wave-modified deltaic, Upper Cretaceous strata deposited along the margin of the rapidly subsiding foreland basin. Extensive vertical and lateral exposures in the Ivie Creek area, located along Interstate 70, offer an excellent opportunity for mapping and describing the architecture, geometry, and distribution of lithofacies which serve as oil and gas reservoir analogs. Lithofacies include distributary channels and mouth bars; prodelta and delta-front deposits; lower, middle, and upper shoreface; foreshore; and bayfill, lagoonal, and flood-plain deposits.

Closely spaced stratigraphic sections were measured and described to identify sedimentary structures, lithofacies, bounding surfaces, paleocurrents, and other geologic parameters. These sections were combined with drill-hole data to develop a three-dimensional view of the reservoir analogs for modeling and fluid-flow simulations. This report contains stratigraphic cross sections with graphical measured stratigraphic sections and core descriptions (including parasequences, lithofacies, and other information) from the Ivie Creek area. The Ivie Creek cross sections can be used for educational and industry training purposes, a guide for field work, additional reservoir models and simulations, facies analysis, sequence stratigraphic studies, and numerous other applications.

Other Information:
Published: 2002
Pages: 7 p.
Plates: 7 pl.
Location: Emery County

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