Ferron Sandstone permeability database, Ivie Creek area, Emery County, Utah (OFR-389)

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Ferron Sandstone Studies
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By: C. B. Forster and S. H. Snelgrove

The Ferron Sandstone of east-central Utah has world-class outcrops of fluvial-dominated and wave-modified deltaic, Turonian-Coniacian-age strata deposited along the margin of the rapidly subsiding Cretaceous foreland basin. The Ivie Creek area was selected to develop a detailed geological and petrophysical characterization, at well-sweep scale or smaller, of the primary reservoir lithofacies typically found in a fluvial-dominated deltaic reservoir. Sedimentary structures, lithofacies, bounding surfaces, and permeabilities measured along closely spaced traverses were combined with drill-hole data to develop a three-dimensional (3-D) view of the reservoir analogs within the area.

This report describes the basic stratigraphy, data locations, and field methods used to collect nearly 2,000 permeability values from over 1,600 core plugs in the Kf-1 and Kf-2 parasequence sets. These plugs were taken along 18 vertical transects along described stratigraphic sections, four sub-horizontal transects, and three drill holes. The data were used to produce a 3D reservoir simulation model for the Ferron Kf-1 parasequence set. These permeability data can be used for additional petrophysical studies, reservoir models, and educational and industry training purposes.

Other Information:
Published: 2002
Location: Emery County

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