Interim geologic maps of the Crandall Canyon and Hidden Lake quadrangles, Summit County, Utah (OFR-382)

1:24,000 Geologic Maps

By: M. D. Bradley

The Crandall Canyon quadrangle, Summit County, Utah, lies just east of the Weber River between Rockport Lake and Hoytsville. Though not considered part of the Uinta Mountains, the southern half of the quadrangle is dominated by Uinta structures and could structurally be considered part of the range. The northern part of the quadrangle is dominated by Sevier-age thrusts. Elevations range from a low of 6,052 feet along the Weber River in the southwestern corner of the quadrangle to 9,377 feet on Elkhorn at the eastern edge of the quadrangle.

The Hidden Lake quadrangle is adjacent to and just east of the Crandall Canyon quadrangle. Structurally, the Hidden Lake quadrangle is similar to the Crandall Canyon quadrangle with the northern part of the quadrangle dominated by Sevier structures and the southern part of the quadrangle extending into the Uinta Mountains. The two quadrangles were mapped together because the major structures (faults and folds) cross both quadrangles. Elevations within the Hidden Lake quadrangle range from a low of 6,800 feet along the Weber River in the southern part of the quadrangle to 10,002 feet on an unnamed peak along the southeastern border of the.

Information in this publication includes: text of the geologic history of the quadrangle, a description of geologic units, a correlation of geologic units, a stratigraphic column, and a cross-sections. This Open-File release makes information available to the public during the review and production period necessary for a formal UGS publication. This map may be incomplete, and inconsistencies, errors, and omissions have not been resolved. While the document is in the review process, it may not conform to UGS standards; therefore it may be premature for an individual or group to take actions based on its contents.

Other Information:
Published: 2001
Pages: 41 p.
Plates: 6 pl.
Scale: 1:24,000
Location: Summit County
Media Type: Paper Map

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