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Isotopes and carbonate minerals in Lake Bonneville marl: records of lake-level fluctuations and climate change (OFR-251)

Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island

By: C. G. Oviatt

Measurements of the ratio of aragonite to calcite from a short core of Lake Bonneville pelagic marl collected at the Old River Bed in west central Utah indicate lake-level fluctuations during the lake's transgressive phase. Chronology for the core, which extends from about 20 to 15.5 ka, is provided by two basaltic volcanic ashes and ostracode correlations with dated sequences elsewhere. The results of all four variables covary; they are inversely correlated with lake level, and thus provide a detailed record of fluctuations.

Other Information:
Published: 1992
Pages: 16 p.
Location: Box Elder, Davis, Millard, Tooele, and Weber Counties
Media Type: Paper Publication

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