Sold Out

Cleat and joint system evaluation and coal characterization of the Sunnyside coal, Soldier Canyon Mine, Carbon County, Utah (OFR-203)

Utah Geological Survey Open File Report

By: B. P. Hucka

It has been observed that cleats in coal are one of several geologic features that affect methane emission from coal. This report summarizes the results of an investigation conducted in the Soldier Canyon Mine, Carbon County, Utah. The mine is one of several mines selected for the University of Utah Project: Formation and Retention of Methane in Coal.

Topics discussed in this report include: cleat and joint systems investigation in the underground (face cleat N. 65° W.) and surface exposures (major N. 35° W.), collection of two oriented samples, megascopic and microscopic description of the coal (major lithotype component - banded coal), rank - (high volatile bituminous B), residual gas content determination (1.8 cm3/g), evaluation of coking properties (Composition Balance Index = 1.25 and Rank Index = 2.5), mechanical properties (Vickers hardness 28.19 kg/mm2) , proximate analysis, density (mean = 1.32 g/cm3) and porosity determination (mean = 3.58%).

Other Information:
Published: 1991
Pages: 29 p.
Location: Carbon County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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