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Earthquake instrumentation for Utah, report and recommendations of the Utah Policy Panel on earthquake Instrumentation (OFR-168)

Earthquakes and Seismology

By: W. J. Arabasz, editor

Utah faces a serious threat of large damaging earthquakes. Consequences are all too vividly brought to mind by recent earthquake catastrophes in Armenia and Mexico City – both relevant examples for potential earthquake losses along Utah’s Wasatch Front.

In dealing with its earthquake treat, Utah has a unique opportunity to “do it right.” These are evident strengths in Utah’s earthquake program, which involves uncommon and praiseworthy interagency cooperation. The possibilities for dealing with earthquake problems in Utah in an integrated and manageable way are enviable. Further, an instrumentation program has been proposed that, despite its modest scale, is unusually comprehensive and would place Utah’s earthquake program at the forefront of the nation. This publication details the program.

Other Information:
Published: 1990
Pages: 64 p.
Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper Publication

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