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Juke Box Trench-a Valuable Archive of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Statigraphy in the Bonneville Basin, Utah (MP 18-1)

MP 181
Stratigraphic Studies

By: Charles G. Oviatt, Jeffrey S. Pigati, David B. Madsen, David E. Rhode, and Jordan Bright

In 2009, we enlarged a backhoe trench below the mouth of Juke Box Cave, near Wendover, Utah, at the western edge of the Great Salt Lake Desert in order to reveal fresh exposures of the sediments. The following stratigraphic units are well exposed in the trench: pre-Bonneville gravel (fluvial or lacustrine) and oolitic sand (ages greater than 30,000 yr BP); Lake Bonneville marl (30,000 to ~13,000 yr BP); an unconformity stratigraphically above the Bonneville marl marked by lacustrine gravel of probable Gilbert-episode age (~11,500 yr BP); and post-Bonneville poorly sorted sand and carbonate mud deposited in spring-fed wetlands, which include the Mazama ash (erupted 7630 yr BP from the site of Crater Lake, OR). Four calibrated radiocarbon ages suggest the wetland deposits span nearly the entire Holocene, from about 10,700 to at least 1200 yr BP.

Other Information:
Published: 2018
Pages: 15
Plates: N/A
Scale: N/A
Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper

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