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Guide for the preparation of reports for the Utah Geological Survey (MP 03-7)

MP 037
General Geology

By: M. D. Hylland and W. R. Lund

Reports prepared for publication by the Utah Geological Survey (UGS) are expected to be of the highest technical and editorial quality. This guide establishes policies governing the publication of UGS reports and provides editorial standards necessary for preparing publications of the desired quality.

Information in this guide includes: (1) a description of the UGS publication series, including unpublished documents and UGS Web-site material; (2) a description of the UGS publication process and the responsibilities of the individuals involved in the review of manuscripts (author, peer reviewers, program manager, technical reviewer, deputy director, director, and editor); (3) a discussion of ethical considerations associated with the publication process; (4) a general description of the parts of a UGS report; (5) rules for preparing manuscripts; (6) style requirements for UGS reports; (7) writing tips; (8) a selected bibliography that includes writing resources as well as geologic references cited in the text; and (9) appendices that present resources and information useful in the report preparation process.

Policy statements in this guide establish criteria for report authorship, direct authors to avoid plagiarism and give proper credit for the work of others, define the required steps and individual responsibilities in the UGS publication process, establish guidelines for using the Utah Licensed Professional Geologist seal, establish requirements for obtaining and documenting permission to use copyrighted or proprietary material, and identify the procedures UGS authors must follow when publishing outside of the UGS.

Other Information:
Published: 2003
Pages: 68 p.
Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper Publication

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