Proceedings of the 35th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals - The Intermountain West Forum 1999 (MP 01-2)

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By: R. L. Bon, R. F. Riordan, B. T. Tripp, and S. T. Krukowski, editors

This publication includes 23 papers from the 35th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals ? The Intermountain West Forum. These papers include:

1.) Tidewater deposits of high-brightness calcium carbonate and high CaCO3 limestone in southern southeastern Alaska, by D. A. Hedderly-Smith

2.) High purity limestone and dolomite reserves at Monarch Quarry, Chaffee County, Colorado, by W. R. Henkle, Jr. and H. Hoegberg

3.) Factors in predicting alluvial gravel composition using digital geologic map and elevation images: an example from the Colorado Front Range, by D. H. Knepper, Jr.

4.) The Antler Chlorite Mine, southwestern Montana: rediscovery, geology, and closure, by R. B. Berg and D. L. Crouse

5.) Issues affecting development of natural aggregate near St. George and surrounding communities, Washington County, Utah, USA, by R. E. Blackett and B. T. Tripp

6.) The extraction of mineral resources from Great Salt Lake, Utah: history, developmental milestones, and factors influencing salt extraction, by J. W. Gwynn

7.) Real estate development, transportation costs, and Wasatch Front gravel operations, by A. E. Isaacson

8.) Beryllium deposits at Spor Mountain, Utah, by D. A. Lindsey

9.) Industrial rock and mineral resources and developments in Utah, by B. T. Tripp

10.) History of state ownership, resources development, and management of Great Salt Lake, by E. Trimmer and K. Kappe

11.) Gypsum resources and development on the Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming, by L. Chastain and J. Zeise

12.) Changes in Wyoming?s industrial minerals industry 1996-1999, by R. E. Harris

13.) Environmental impacts of mining natural aggregate, by W. H. Langer

14.) Western phosphate field geology, production, and current research, by P. R. Moyle and others

15.) Recycled aggregate ? flow analysis and economics, by D. Wilburn and T. Kelly

16.) Separation Rapids rare metals projects, Kenora, Ontario, Canada, by D. S. Bubar

17.) Jade and rhodonite deposits, British Columbia, Canada, by G. J. Simandl, S. Paradis, and J. L. Nelson

18.) The mining of industrial minerals in Chile: an overview, by G. C. Diaz

19.) Geology and distribution of clay deposits for building bricks and roofing tiles in Chile, by A. Gajardo

20.) The coexistence of nahcolite-trona in central Anatolia-Turkey, by F. Suner

21.) Statistical analysis of sand and gravel aggregate deposits of late Pleistocene Lake Bonneville, Utah, by J. D. Bliss and K. S. Bolm

22.) Economic geology of manganese, by J. F. Machamer

23.) The influence of geology on the quality of feldspar products, by P. W. Scott and M. R. Power

Other Information:
Published: 2001
Pages: 286 p.
Location: Beaver County, Davis County, Tooele County, Washington County, and Weber County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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