Utah Earthquakes (1850-2016) and Quaternary Faults (M-277)

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Earthquakes and Seismology

By: Steve D. Bowman and Walter J. Arabasz

This map shows earthquakes known to have occurred within and surrounding Utah from 1850 through December 2016 and mapped Quaternary faults considered to be earthquake sources. The faults shown on the map have been sources of large earthquakes (about magnitude 6.5 or greater) during the Quaternary Period (past 2.6 million years) and are the most likely sources of large earthquakes in the future. Most small to moderate size earthquakes plotted on the map are ÒbackgroundÓ earthquakes not readily associated with known faults and of a size generally below the threshold of surface faulting (about magnitude 6.5). Buried or unmapped secondary faults are likely sources of much of the background seismicity.


Other Information: 44" x 62"
Published: 2017
Scale: 1:500,000
Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper Wall map

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