Geologic map of the Navajo Lake quadrangle, Kane and Iron Counties, Utah (M-199)

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1:24,000 Geologic Maps

By: D. W. Moore, L. D. Nealey, P. D. Rowley, S. C. Hatfield, D. J. Maxwell, E. Mitchell

This map is intended to update the preliminary geologic map of the same area, at the same scale. Updating required new fieldwork by P.D. Rowley and S.C. Hatfield, especially in Cedar Breaks National Monument in the northwestern part of the quadrangle. This fieldwork was funded and supported by the National Park Service. The new fieldwork, as well as new data from nearby areas, resulted in new geologic interpretations. These new interpretations are reflected in this map. Although most bedrock in the map area is concealed by colluvium, only a fraction of this colluvium was mapped because the main emphasis of this map is to show the distribution and structure of the bedrock.

Other Information:
Published: 2004
Plates: 2 pl.
Scale: 1:24,000
Location: Iron County and Kane County
Media Type: Paper Map

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